As someone old enough to remember the original launch of the Canon EOS Cinema line, the current announcement of the EOS C70 brings up a lot of nostalgia, but also some relief. Nostalgia because it feels like Canon is finally giving us what we were hoping for with the original C-line launch, and relief, because it's exciting to finally see the platform coming to more filmmakers' hands. 

After falling in love with the 5D Mark II, we dreamed of a Canon camera that had that kind of imagery but was designed for working with a film set. That would include professional audio connectors, timecode, genlock for working multi-camera (or 3D), proper SDI monitoring, better dynamic range, more bit-depth, wider color gamuts, and a touch more resolution, 2K. At the time, it seemed obvious. Beef up the 5D or 7D body, adapt the sensor, and you would have a winner for independent filmmakers. Thus, when rumblings came out about the C-line, we were excited.


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